Termostati e termofusibili

Backer keeps in stock a wide range of thermostats and thermal cut-offs from different brands for use together with stock-kept immersion heaters.
Thermostats are used when a media (e.g. water or air) should be heated up to a predefined temperature and they control/regulate the power supply for e.g. an immersion heater or a duct heater. Thermal cut-offs are used as safety to avoid overheating and normally they are reset manually.

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>> Campi di applicazione

  • Immersion heater with box
  • Industrial baths
  • Domestic heating
  • Immersion heaters in electric boilers and water heaters
  • Electric batteries
  • Air duct heaters


Dati tecnici

 ThermostatThermal cut-off
Breaking capacity 16 A / 400 V
20 A / 240 V

10 A / 400 V
20 A / 400 V
40 A / 400 V

Contact function Breaking 1-,2-,3- & 4-pole
Alternatig 1-pole
Breaking 3-pole
Alternating 1-pole
Others  -  Manual reset

 EGO - Drawing

Jumo - Drawing

Cotherm - Drawing

EGO - Drawing

Jumo - Drawing 


>> Tipologie

  • Rod
  • Capillary tube design with bulb
  • Manual resetting (for thermal cut-off)
  • Combined thermostat and thermal cut-off