Riscaldatori in fusione

Cast-in elements can be used for indirect heating of liquids for instance in tanks, but also for direct heating in oil pre-heaters.
Backer tubular heating elements can be cast in an aluminium alloy such as silumin.

Embedment of a tubular heating element increases its heat-emitting surface and makes it possible to adapt the element to different applications.

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>> Esempi di applicazioni

  • Motor heaters
  • Electrical water heaters
  • Resistance
  • Air heating
  • Oil heating
  • Heating plates
  • Heating shields

Dati tecnici

Material Different aluminium alloys
Dimension ca. 500x500 mm, in certain cases even bigger


Fixing to the object
Connections M4, flat pin, spot welded cable, round pin
Designs One or two wattage ratings/element
According to customer specification
Standard range


Esempi di prodotti

Most of the cast-in elements produced at Backer are custom made, but we do have a standard range of heating shields and heating plates:

Heating shields in stock


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Heating plate in stock


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