Elementi di accensione

Due to the extreme tolerance of high surface temperature of heating elements from Backer, they are also suitable for ignition of e.g. biofuel, barbeques or gas.72-1.09.00

One of Backer's bestsellers are the barbeque lighter, which lights the barbeque in only 20 minutes without barbeque liquid, which is better both for the taste and the environment.

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>> Esempi di applicazioni

  • BBQ charcoal lighter
  • Domestic heating - pellet-/chip burners
  • Ovens for annealing


Dati Tecnici

Material R323
Inc 825
Acc. to customer spec.
Dimension Ø 6,4
Or acc. to customer spec.
Design Fitted for the application
Safety The elements meet requirements acc. to EN 60335-1


Esempi di prodotto

Barbeque charcoal lighter


A barbeque lighter from Backer lights the grill without barbeque fluid and therefore has less influence on the environment and it doesn't affect the taste of the food. In 20 minutes you have perfectly glowing charcoal, which enables planning of the barbeque process.

Specifiche tecniche

Material Stainless steel
Dimension Element diam. 6,4 mm
total length ca. 500 mm
Connection Cabel och earth connection
Cable length min. 1500 mm
Design Tilted handle, 26° or 57° to suite different types of barbeques
Power 500 W
Voltage 230 V
Safety The elements meet requirements acc. to EN 60335-1 with app.

>> Benefici

  • Less impact on the environment than with use of ignition liquid
  • No taint of ignition liquid
  • Fast ignition of the barbeque

pdf icon PDF: BBQ Charcoal lighter - Info tecniche