We define project sales as Backer projects and services, that are offered and produced for a specific plant, that our customer has been assigned to design/build.

Often, this kind of sales are current in lines of business as process-, raw material-, chemical and petro chemical industry, ship building and within the energy sector.

>> Examples of our way of working

There is a need for a complete heating solutin and Backer is given a free hand to design, manufacture and solve the problem.
There exists special environment/special conditions that offer demands for an adapted production from our side. Your need a heating solution and we offer experteese within the field heating and temperature regulation.
We manufacture a product/component for a specific projekt according to specification from our customer.

>> Examples of projects

genomstrommare Flow through heater

Battery/duct heater

batterimotsand Battery/resistance
genomstr Flow through heater
batteri2 Battery
elpatron Immersion heater
saxvarmare Heater for scissors
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